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It's great to see so many of Derby's friends who

played for the Trenton Thunder--

AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, and so many others-- becoming MLB stars for the New York Yankees and other MLB teams. Three Thunder players from 2015-- Sanchez, Judge, and Severino--  were 2017 MLB All-Stars, and Gary and Aaron impressed in the Home Run Derby.  The Yankees battled their way deep into the playoffs in 2017, and Aaron Judge broke the all-time MLB rookie home run record for the year and became AL Rookie of the Year.  And all of these famous Baby Bombers are in

Derby's book!


Their success on and off the playing field is no surprise to anyone who saw them play at the Trenton Thunder. After all, Derby taught them everything they know! :-).  Fetch Derby's book now by pressing on the red "Click Here" button above or below. And to see which baseball player is in the big photo at the center of this page, use the scroll bar at right to scroll down.



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